Play Slots in House of Jack Casino on your Mobile Phone

The online casino House of Jack was founded to provide all its players with the opportunity to gamble in various casino free games online and take an advantage of various promotions which is the top feature of this online gambling facility. You really won’t find many casinos in Canada or any other country with such a great amount of various perks and benefits available and all you need to get a part of it is to register and login in your account. Afterwards you can find the greatest proposal in your mailbox or the Promotions section which is available for all players.

Before creating an account in this outstanding gambling facility you can play free games on the website and compare your gambling experience with other online casinos. However, when it comes to House of Jack you may want to get to the playing on real money instantly and do not waste time on testing the games on engagement rate or other things as there no such casinos in Canada or any other country in the world.


When it comes to promo codes the House of Jack online casino is always on the edge as here you can find many attractive offers to improve your gambling experience. All kinds of bonuses that can be enforced by the online casinos are available for the visitors and these are good news for all those who are looking for a place to play in for a long time.

There can be many types of rewards for loyal or new players – some of them are granted on a weekly basis, others consider to be tournament based or welcome ones – like no deposit bonuses which mean that you get extra free money on your balance which you can then use to make bets and win real money.

The majority of the online casinos do not really differ when it comes to promotions and that is explained by the fact that there are not many online casinos that are really interested in providing users with the best gambling experience ever.

However, in the casino House of Jacks you can find all of the best bonuses which you surely will use if you want to make your time spent on the website more joyful. We will disclose all of the promo codes available on the website in the next sections so that you could make a decision whether you want to sign up to the website and benefit from all those advantages granted by the membership.

Just note that these bonuses are eligible now for all the players in the world including Canada, however, they are usually updated, changed or modified and replaced by the better ones, so in the review below we are only going to show you the bonus codes eligible for the year 2021.

Generous Offers for New Players

Many players in the online casino House of Jacks note that it has one of the most generous offers for the new players if compared with other websites. Just look at the picture below to see how generous the offer is and below we will disclose all its essence.

What does mean the data pointed out in the picture? It means that once you make your first cashin you instantly can claim as much as you have deposited on your bonus balance and use these funds to play. There is a limit eligible for the offer – you only get additional 100% of funds for the some that doesn’t exceed $500. That means that if you first deposit has made $700 you will get $700 on your balance and you also can claim $500 on your bonus account.

As you can see the online casino administration also offers welcome bonuses for the second and third deposits which can in sum give you as much as $350 of additional funds. That means that for your first three deposits you can get $850 of additional funds which that can be used in slot machines or any other games.

You may also have noticed that the online casinos provide 200 free spins for slots machines – that means that you can play 200 free matches and win real money within each of the game. How is that possible? Well, that all happens thanks to the generosity of the online casino House of Jacks which automatically grants you with the free spins once you make your first deposit.

However, you should note that the minimum amount of funds to claim free spins upon the first deposit should make at least $20. The only shortcoming that can be noticed when you get free spins is the fact you do not get them at once – you get 20 spins each day during 10 days. Well, that still means that you get 200 of them, don’t you?

You also should consider that there is a limit for winnings you can claim with the bonus funds used which cannot exceed $5000.

Some of you can ask – are there any no deposit bonuses enforced in the online casino House of Jacks? The answer is no and the reason is that there are already generous deposit bonus and a great amount of free spins available which is much more than a no deposit bonus which never makes more than a couple of bucks in any of the online casino where you can see such an offer.

It should be noted that you are offered to get a welcome bonus pack right after you have signed up to the casino and this kind of reward is eligible in 2021 and can change in the next years. However, that doesn’t mean that there are no more bonus codes that can make your activities in the casino even more profitable. Just forth below to find out more about other promotions that you can use for your good.

Take Benefits from New Games

All the casinos make efforts to add new games to their lists and allow gamers to feel new spirit and widen choice for them. However, there are not so many online casinos like House of Jack that provide bonuses and promotions for those who play new games.

In the Promotions section of the website there is a New Games section where you can find the list of all new games which you can play in. If you open that page you are going to see the list of the games and the dates with a piece of text for each of them where you can find description of the game and terms of bonuses which one can get if playing that games. Here is an example of such a game.

As you can see the game Sticky Bandits which has been released on 13 August gives an opportunity to get Jack’s Playa Points and 20 extra free spins. This is only one example of the game which you can play in for getting additional benefits, on the page there are much more of them.

Some of those grant you only Jack’s Playa Points which we are going to discuss later, other give bonus funds or any other perks you can claim for.

The thing is that this kind of approach is a wonderful way to motivate players play new games and experience new feelings and get more from that. In the majority of online casinos you won’t find such bonuses just for playing the specified games.

Yes, usually you can get 50 free spins on the specified game, but that is not usually a new game which is something different than the bonus code offered by the House of Jack casino.

Jack’s Playa Points

This is some kind of a loyalty program which allow you to collect points that can be exchanged on various bonuses and perks which you cannot get in any other way. That is the main reason this program has been launched – the more points you earn while gambling the greater are benefits you can claim for and the greater is the progress you make to the VIP status.

Initially, each point equals to $1 you have made as a bet on the slots (there are different ratios for different games when bets are converted into the points, you can find out more on the page of the bonus code). Once you collect the sufficient amount of points you can get up to the next level by clicking the CHOMP button which moves you to another level. The thing is that you can only more to another level once a day, and reach the 8 levels which gives you the best bonuses in minimum of the 8 days.

So how does that system works? For example, you have made bets on the total sum of $200 on the slot machines. No matter whether you lose or win you are going to get at least 200 points. Why are we saying at least? The thing is there are some factors that can increase the amount of points you get. For example, starting from the level 8 you are going to get additional points for making deposits.

According to the picture in case you make a deposit of $200 you are going to get 800 points instantly. That means that is also make $200 bets on the slot machine that day you are going to get a total of 1000 points for only making a deposit while you are on the 8 level. Isn’t that a good reason to reach that level?

Even that is not all – you also can get more points per each dollar bet if you check the New Games section on the Promotions page as there you can see that some of the slot machines give you 3 points per each dollar that you bet.

You also should consider the fact the points counter is being renewed once in several months. Now it is lasting the 8 Season, which means that the players that had point on the Season 7 need to start collecting them from the beginning. However, that makes the gambling process even more interesting.

the last thing you surely must know about the Playa Points system is that not all of the games give you the same amount of points per dollar you spend as a bet. For example, for card games like poker you only get 0.02 points per each dollar that you bet. It is understood why the ratios are allocated that way – when you play poker you make much more bets with the same deposit, right?

Mad Jack’s Biker Bonus

Many online casinos provide weekly bonuses that means that all the players no matter which status they have can claim bonus funds on their accounts easily, and that makes it better for those who do not really participates in the events or loyalty programs of the online casinos.

The House of Jack has made the same thing for those who want to get more from their membership. Each Monday when you make a deposit you can claim 50% of the cashed in sum on your bonus account. The total bonus you can get accredited on your account cannot exceed $500 which means that the offer is only eligible for the first $1000 you deposit on Mondays.

There is also a bottom limit which makes $20 – if you deposit less than this amount of money there is no chance you can claim a bonus.

This kind of the bonus code is a good way to start your week with some additional sum which you can use for various gambling activities so get on the Jack’s Bike and claim this offer to increase your chances to win.

Actually, this is the only kind of the weekly bonus code in the House of Jack that grants you money only. Once we have disclosed it in details it is time to move further and talk about other outstanding promotions offered by this extremely unique online gambling facility.

Take Your Pick

This is the unique casino bonus which you are barely going to find in any other online gambling facility. The House of Jack offers you to claim the outstanding chance to choose what kind of perk do you want acquire.

Will that be a 30% match up which gives you are a chance to make more bets on any of the games that you can choose in the category list and win a huge sum? Or maybe you want to claim 25 wager free spins that you can use on the slot machine Sakura Fortune? The choice is up to you and no matter which kind of option you prefer, there is 100% guarantee you will benefit from it.

Actually, there is only one condition for a player to get the promo code and take all advantages – your deposit needs to be at least $20.

In the House of Jack there many unique approached enforced and the opportunity to choose the kind of the advantage to take is one of that. Do not hesitate to use that for your good and win even more with the same amount of funds deposited.

Now there is a moment to disclose another such proposal from the casino which gives you the choice between two options.

Match Flash Back

Here you are only about to choose the two match up options which only vary with the amount of funds that have to be deposited and the coefficient of match up you get.

The first option is to get 25%on your balance from the sum that exceeds $20 deposit – choose that if you want a budget option and do not plan to exploit long-term strategies for slot machines or another games.

On the other hand, if you have sufficient funds and ambitious plans to win the jackpot there is another option for you in frames of this outstanding offer- you can claim 50% from the deposit that exceeds $150 – so which option are you going to choose?

Actually, here at this line we are finished with the bonuses that give you the choice among two options and now we can move forth and disclose one of the most mysterious promotions launched by the online casino House of Jack.

Mystery Match Friday

This bonus is the most mysterious and the hidden one. It is wa weekly bonus which you can claim each Friday once a week only, but it is obvious that you are going to wait for this bonus day with impatience due the intrigue it provides.

Here you need to go in the investigation process with the Jack which is the face of the online casino House of Jack. On the practice it means that if you claim this promo code you are going to get a random bonus, and nobody knows what kind of benefit you will be granted with before you open the box.

Once you press the button you will have to choose between the free spins for a slot machine, match up, or a deposit bonus which can be credited to your account. Choose wisely in order to get the most from your gambling activity on the last working day of the week.

Wildest Winnings Weekend

The last but not least promotion offer from the House of Jacks is eligible for weekend which means you can get benefits from gambling on Saturdays or Sundays. All you can get from the online casino is the additional amount of money on your bonus account and as much as 20 or 40 free spins on Sticky Bandits slot machine.

How does that work? Once you make a deposit on weekend you can claim a 40% bonus on your account and get 20 free spins for free – that is guaranteed. The maximum bonus funds you can get on your account makes $200, which means that in order to get this bonus you need to deposit at least $500.

However, there is a way to increase the benefits – for this purpose you need to make the deposit on Saturday, and in that case you are going to get 40 extra spins instead of 20. @0 will be credited on your account on Saturday – the day you have made the deposit and 20 will be credited on Sunday – the next day.

Is that bonus worth of being claimed? Surely, yes. It allows you to get much more that just a bonus – you can spend a weekend gambling and in addition to the bonus funds which are up to meet the wager requirements to be withdrawn you also get 40 free attempts to win on the slot machine.

Jack’s Pack – VIP Club for Top Gamblers

For all those who want to get a VIP status in the House of Jack online casino there is an option to get a Jack’s Pack. What does that mean? That means that you are in the list of the most loyal gamblers of the casino thus you can claim much more personalized attitude and better service from the gambling facility when it comes to all types of your activities in the casino.

The first thing you are going to get is the personalized online support which is provided only for the top gamblers. All your question, queries and requests will be prioritized, all your issues will be solved in several clicks and you will get a personal manager which is going to become something more than a regular support agent – he will become your friend and advisor when it comes to the gambling activities on the website.

Another thing you are going to get are customized under your needs promotions you have never experienced before. Have you read the section above? You can really have an understanding of how many promo codes there are available for regular players with all those benefits, perks and bonus funds – just imagine what kind of advantages you will be able to claim if you become a member of the club!

Along with the bonus codes and promos you will also get gifts, incentive and various rewards just because you are the member of the House of Jack VIP club – this is something more than getting benefits – it is about having a constant support and positive attitude no matter what.

Moreover, if you plan to play in a higher league you will be able to make greater bets, win much more funds and withdraw as fast as possible with your credit card or a bank account.

In order to approve your status and do not let you forget you are the VIP club member there will be issued a plastic card for you which is going to be the pass to the kingdom of joy and elite gambling for you for a lifetime.

Once you become a member of the top league the way your gambling activity is conducted will change once and for all.

Maybe you want your name to be mentioned when there are the most tremendous events held by the online casino? That is going to happen on your will – that can be your real name or nickname, it is up to you to choose, as your privacy is still protected by the online casino administration.

The VIP status is granted only to the most dedicated gamblers of the online casino – it is not so easy to get it. You need to show your loyalty, play many various games, make high bets and participate in events to become the memer, and of course these efforts are worth of the rewards you will get in the end of the way.

Mobile Gambling in The House of Jack Casino

All those of you who want to experience all the advantage of mobile gambling can use the casino mobile version of the website. You will definitely enjoy the responsive design and user-friendly interface developed for the website Moreover, there is no way you won’t appreciate an opportunity to play games wherever you are with your smartphone as all you need is to get a last version of browser installed and a stable internet connection.

The majority of the gambler are seeking for the mobile app which can be downloaded and installed on the casino website. Well, we have both good and bad news for you. The bad news is the fact you won’t have an opportunity to download the mobile app as there is no such a thing developed by the casino House of jack administration. The good news are you do not really need the app as the website is good enough to satisfy even the most demanding gamblers when it comes to usability.

Note that there are the same terms for those who play the casino games on the mobile phone and those who choose the desktop version website as you if you get a sign up bonus on your Pc you will get the same bonus on your mobile phone.

This is also eligible for promos. For example, if you have won free spins after activation Mystery Friday promo code on the website you will get it both on your smartphone or tablet and your PC.


There are not many online casinos that have not only a great choice of games to gamble in but also such an attitude to the promotions available for players. Here you can choose everything you want – from free spins and promo codes granting bonus funds to the outstanding benefits you get by acquiring VIP status.

That is the reason House of Jack online casino should be one of the option you surely need to consider when choosing an online gambling facility among those thousands websites available.

The review by: Matthew Wilson