Videoslots – a Casino to Enjoy Special Attention and Huge Winnings!

Videoslots: if you are looking for some extraordinary casino to play for real cash or just for fun, this is no doubt an option for you. Why do we think so? We have some reasons, and we will share them with you, if you want to.

So, Videoslots. This is one of the biggest casinos in the online gambling universe, and not only if you check just games. Its revenues are the biggest among all the competitors. What do you believe what it could mean for you? Yes, you are right if you thought about winnings withdrawals and jackpots. Even if you have enough luck to hit the jackpot of some millions of USD, this casino will definitely pay it out. As well, it tells something about the casino capacities, doesn’t it?

Licensing and Regulation

If you decide to risk your own bucks, you will definitely look for a reliable casino. It is clear: why should you, while risking your money already via gambling, risk your funds by depositing it into your account by some dubious gambling services provider? It is not worth even your time, let alone the money that will almost for sure be lost if the casino is not good enough.

That’s why licensing is a must. Moreover, your preferred casino should hold a license of one of the most reputable providers. It is a guarantee, at least more or less, that your funds are safe. One of the main requirements to a casino, when it applies for the license, to hold the money of all its players separately from its own funds. To some extent, this is a nice security measure to avoid even the trickiest casino from stealing your money in case if such a need or a wish appears. Does it guarantee a complete security of your bucks? Well, no.

That’s why there is one more requirement that a casino must comply with when applying for a license from a reliable regulatory body. A casino must deposit some percent from your deposited sums into a special fund. If something bad happens to the casino, or if the casino decides to disappear with your funds, you will still get at least some compensation from the fund. Do the casinos like this condition? We doubt. But they are required to do so if they want to get a license that will allow them to work in many places. So, they have to comply. Videoslots casino does it, of course. So, you are safe as it is possible in the case with an online casino.

However, not each license is valuable. If you see that the casino holds a license of some faraway island country, make sure you check the requirements. In some cases, such a license might not mean much. complies with all the possible requirements and conditions. That’s why it holds the licenses issued by regulators accepted and acknowledged in the whole world. The licenses of the Maltese, the British and the curacao regulators definitely tell a lot to online casinos fans, and to you, as well, if you are interested in online casinos and gambling. Just let us mention that a license of the Malta Gambling Authority would cost a couple of hundreds of dollars. And it is without additional yearly maintenance audits and tests.

Website Security takes care of your security and the complete safety of your personal and all the financial information when you are online. The most advanced powerful SSL encryption software is applied to protect all the information that you submit by registration, by making a deposit or withdrawing your winnings.

The software encrypts all the data with the application of a special algorithm. So, even if some super talented hacker decided to steal your data or your funds, he/she will need to work very hard to get it and even harder to decrypt it. Even if a powerful software is used, it will take several years and some thousands of dollars to decrypt it. As you can see, these precautions turn any efforts to steal any of your information absolutely into useless attempts.

Hence, when you are registering your gambler account, you should not be afraid to provide the correct information. Moreover, you are requested to do so, because otherwise, your account might be blocked forever and all your winnings will be declared as void. You definitely don’t want it to happen, do you? Video Slots is fair to you, so, it expects the same fairness from your side.

Games Certification and Random Number Generator

When we speak about security and safety, it is impossible to leave games without attention. How can you know that the casino doesn’t adjust the results to its advantage? The answer is again in certifications and licenses that the casino holds. When you are looking for a reliable gambling provider, check on its website, if eCOGRA or another testing lab certification is available. eCOGRA is though one of the most frequent and reputable labs for such a business.

This certification means that the company tested all the games that are provided by the casino to make sure they provide fair gambling. The Random Number Generator is applied in such games, which means that all the results are random. Nobody can influence them, neither you nor casino. All the games are tested and checked regularly to keep players safe.

Of course, Video Slots has the mentioned eCOGRA seal. But in the case with this provider, even this would be odd. The thing is that the casino Videoslots collaborates with the leading, the best indeed slots equipment providers, such as Microgaming, NetEnt, and so on. Their games are already tested by all the possible regulators, labs, and so on. There is no need to say that eCOGRA is one of them. But anyway, Video Slots has its own eCOGRA seal for all the applied software. It means, you can gamble here without any worries that somebody adjust any results. All is tested, checked, verified and confirmed by a seal of one of the most known companies.

Videoslots has gone further when it comes to the transparency of gambling and everything on the website. It has something that none another casino has: My RTP feature. You definitely know what the RTP, or return to player, is. Each game has it, and the higher it is, the more chances there are to win there. So, on, you can check your own RTP. Also, the RTP of each game is available, you can check your RTP in comparison with the game RTP. As well, you have a unique opportunity to check all the statistics of your gambling activities, with all the winnings, deposits, spins, and so on. It is something extraordinary, something that other casinos do not dare to show in such a manner.

Videoslots Casino Games Offering

Just have a look at the website of casino Videoslots: you won`t believe your eyes! More than 2,400 games to select from, provided by more than 70 best developers in the industry! Here, you will definitely find just anything and everything, starting from the newest releases and completing with old good slots if you feel some nostalgy and want to play in a not-demanding environment. As well, table games are not forgotten. And of course, other options are found on, as well.

Slots Selection is Breathtaking:

  • 3-reel slots, or fruit and vegetables slots, which will be an amazing option for you if you love something funny, light and non-intrusive. And there, you can earn enough, as well.
  • 5-reel slots, where the number of paylines can be increased to hundreds, if you have enough money to activate all of them;
  • Progressive jackpot slots, where you can win so much money that it is difficult to believe in,
  • 3D slots, which allow you to plunge into the gaming world completely while winning and getting some amazing awards.

Table Games

You could expect that everything here, in Videoslots Casino, is about video slots only. But you understand that, if it were like this, the casino could never become so popular as it is now. Of course, table games are available, as well. Moreover, you will be stunned by their quantity and quality. Above 70 options of Blackjack are waiting there for the most devoted blackjack fans. More than 90 versions of poker are available for those who adore this game and want to play it every time when they login.

If you are a roulette fan, just go to the Casino Videoslots website to check if your favorite versions is there, and we are sure that you will discover many more options to play roulette that you will just love. Keno, baccarat, craps, bingo… Have we missed something? Just add your favorite game to the list, because it is definitely available, in the variations about which you haven’t suspected for now.

Live Casino? Of Course, There Is!

Playing in a live casino is one of the favorite activities of the most gamblers. And it is not surprising, because it provides the most realistic experiences for those who would like to enjoy the luxury of a real casino but, for one or another reason, cannot afford to do so. You get connected via a camera of your computer to a live studio. The live studio is usually provided by one of the leaders in the industry, NetEnt, and is arranged in a way to make you feel as if you were in a land-based casino, one of those that are attracting its customers with shining lights and always generous offers.

You might be wondering about all the thrill of live communication with a dealer and other gamblers. Of course, a live casino provides it. You can without any problems talk to live dealers via your microphone. And what about other players? Well, a live chat is available to share with each other your impressions and findings. And of course, you can see everything that is happening on the tables!

If you are worried about security, just leave your worries: nobody sees you. Even leave dealers can hear you only. So, all security precautions are taken to the maximum extent.

Ok, you might be wondering if there are any disadvantages. Perfect things do not exist, so, there are some cons, of course. One of the main of them is that live casino games are not available in a demo mode. So, gambling for free is not available in a live casino. However, it is easy to understand the reasons: the casino needs to pay salaries to live dealers, to pay the rent of live studios, and so on. However, you can test in a free mode all the rest of the games, those that are not played in a live casino.


If you are constantly traveling or like to play during a break at work, you might be interested in a mobile version more than in any other option to gamble. None modern casino can be perceived seriously if it doesn’t have a flawlessly working mobile version, and the Casino Videoslots is not an exception.

In regard to a mobile version, the casino went further than many more online casinos that offer an option to play from your favorite mobile device. It doesn’t provide any mobile apps for separate operating systems to download it and so on. Instead, it focuses on the application of the most modern technologies to offer the most advanced and convenient gambling experiences, without any download and installation. It offers an option to play directly from your mobile browser, any mobile device and any OS. Just the stable internet connection is needed.

So, whenever you cannot access your desktop version, a perfectly working mobile version without download and installation is available. The games variety doesn’t suffer at all, as well as their quality. If you are worried about the live casino, we can tell you good news. Live option is available from a mobile, as well. So, Videoslots Casino provides you with all the possible mobile options, as well, to make sure you are going to get as much fun as it is possible, at any time and in any place.

Bonuses for the Most Valued Players

Videoslots Casino is very generous with bonuses, including a no deposit bonus. Like any reasonable gambler, you could be more interested in a no deposit bonus than any other opportunities. So, Videoslots Casino offers a no deposit bonus option, and even not once. And even it is about not only the most common free spins. If you want to make yourself acquainted more with the conditions of this rather rare kind of bonus, just go on reading.

No Deposit Bonus Upon Registration

As soon as you register, you get 11 free spins for Starburst, one of the most loved and the most popular video slot existing for now. In most cases, you still need to deposit some funds if you want to get the winnings from these free spins. In Videoslots Casino, the requirement is the same, and of course, wagering conditions are valid even for this bonus. You need to turn over 40 times from the sum that you can withdraw. The maximum for cash out is 10 Euros, and the leftovers of funds can be applied for ongoing gambling and, we hope so, winning. No bonus code is requested, you just can get the bonus upon your first request.

Further, after you decide to move on with the casino and the huge winnings, a deposit would be needed. As soon as you make it, you can apply for a 100% bonus, the sum of which can reach up to 200 Euro. Moreover, as if the bonus is not generous enough, the casino is offering you 10 Euro for free, just to make you happier and more motivated. Bonus code? No, the casino doesn’t ask for it at this stage, just to avoid additional troubles for you.

Well, if you were looking for options and came across some info about Videoslots Casino on some third party website, they might have offered you some bonus code to increase the limit sum of the deposit bonus or even the number of free spins available without registration. Such promo codes are offered sometimes. Of course, you are free to use any of those promo codes at any stage of your experience with the casino. They can bring you some free spins, free games, more cash or other nice things that a casino can offer to its good clients.

But ok, let us move back from promo codes to the welcome bonus. So, no bonus code is needed to get one, just a deposit is enough. It has wagering conditions, as well, but it is already rather common than unusual. And now, good news comes again: you need to wager your bonus just 20x! However, the period within which you need to manage it isn`t so attractive. The casino gives you just 7 days to complete the task. But you should agree that the turnaround needed is just a very pleasant thing.

There is one more thing to remember about this welcome offer. The money is not paid immediately. You will get it in 10% parts, one by one. So, now, when you know all the details about the welcome offer, which is very generous and super attractive, we should admit, you can avoid unpleasant surprises and will plan a proper strategy to get it.

However, there is a very nice detail which is called adaptive wagering. It means that the games contribute to the wagering conditions depending on the RTP. If you enjoy games with RTP 96% and more, they contribute to wagering conditions for 100%. But if the RTP is lower, they contribute for 125%. So, the fewer chances to win you have, the more you are contributing to getting your bonus money as cash in your account. And of course, don’t forget to check your favorite video slots for the availability of free games. The conditions and the availability of free games, bonuses, cashback bonuses might change, and from time to time, you can win more than usually.

More Offers Are Waiting for You

As in any good casino, you can count not only on a welcome offer and free spins to start your activities, but on the further pleasant awards and surprises offered by the casino. One of the most interesting and, in our point of view, nice indeed bonuses is called the Weekend Booster. All you need to do is just to play your video slots, the most preferred table games, your most loved versions of video poker (progressive jackpot offers are not available).

And in the end of the week, all your spins are accumulated, are summed up, and you will get a pleasant award from the casino. One more important note: you get the bonus independently whether you win or lose, but the sum depends on the number of spins you have made during the week. So, the casino is basically giving you a part of its profit, and the share depends on your activities only.

Banking Options Are Very Varied

As you could expect from one of the best casinos in the market, plenty of ways to deposit money and to get your funds cashed out are available. You can make your choice by checking all the options:

  • Traditional bank cards and bank transfer ways are available;
  • Plenty of e-wallets can be also used for both ways: depositing and withdrawal funds.

After you register your account and login, you select your preferred payment method based on many factors:

  • Fees of the payment provider (casino does not request any fees and charges);
  • Speed of withdrawal (a withdrawal to a bank account usually takes much longer than electronic options);
  • Limits, if imposed by the payment system provider;
  • Whatever else might be of importance for you.

Check as well if bonuses would apply for your withdrawal way, because Neteller and Skrill, for example, are famous for their limitations, and if you make a deposit with one of these payment systems, you might not get a welcome bonus or any other bonus, including a voucher bonus 2021. So, one of the most useful tips regarding this casino that we can provide in the review is actually checking the bonus availability for each payment method that you can consider.

Other than that, there are limits for depositing as well as withdrawals, but they are so high (30,000 per month) that you can hardly suffer from it. If you win a progressive jackpot, your winnings withdrawals will not be limited, and if you are a VIP client, your limits are also different. Withdrawals are fast, usually, if there are no problems from the side of a player, they are processed within 24 hours maximum. Just login and request a withdrawal, and enjoy your winnings as soon as you get them.

Customer Support

Customer Support is available in all the standard forms: live chat, all day and night, including the weekends and holidays, email and a phone call can be used whenever you need any kind of help. Here as well, the casino took more care about their clients than most of the online casinos that operate in the market now. Most casinos offer a tool free phone line for some countries, while Videoslots have provided a form for callback.

General Impression and Conclusions

Videoslots is definitely one of the best online gambling services providers in all aspect of its activities. It is one of the most optimal options to enjoy the best experience from gambling if you are located in England, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and a significant number of other countries. Do you want to play in the best online casino ever? Select Videoslots!


The review by: Matthew Wilson